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This website is Frugal Ron’s brazen attempt to articulate conservative solutions to today’s problems. Strange ideas are presented on this site. Some of these, such as the notion that government must pay its bills and stay out of our lives as much as possible are truly radical.

Many who call themselves “conservative” continually call for smaller government. While this is a noble goal, Frugal Ron is not dogmatic. The goal here is smart government. Smart policy makers identify things government can do better than private enterprise, focus on those areas and leave the rest to the market. Some examples, government can do a better job in charge of national defence than private enterprise while the marketplace could do a much more effective job setting farm commodity prices than government does.

Frugal Ron hoped to use data to take much of the emotion out of political decision-making. This hasn’t worked  real well. We have a large group of citizens who want to make their decisions based on emotion. They want to dictate what is true. These folks will not find this site particularly rewarding.

Sometimes, a term’s meaning changes over time. This is the case with “conservative”. On this website, conservative means something quite different from what mainstream Republicans practice. This site uses “retro conservatism” and “true conservatism” to differentiate from the hijacked term used by Republicans. Independents and progressives will actually agree with many true conservative solutions. 


True conservative hallmarks are frugality and laissez-faire. Frugality means balanced budgets and limited government growth. Laissez-faire means if your activities aren’t adversely affecting anyone else, government has no right to regulate your actions. There are some caveats to blanket laissez-faire. The world is not always black and white and it is important to reject dogmatic thinking.  While smaller government is always preferred, there are cases where the market can’t self regulate or function efficiently. We need a strong government that is smart and focused.

These are radical ideas for today’s spend crazy Republicans. There are issues where true conservatives agree with today’s Republicans. However, there are clear-cut differences in methods. True conservatives abhor using the jack boot of an oversized government to impose its will on citizens and lower levels of government. You will find other alternatives throughout this website.

There was a time when Republicans were true conservatives. Senator Everett Dirksen, economist Milton Friedman and columnist William Buckley didn’t use the guise of cutting federal spending as a way to make life more miserable for poor people. They recognized the limits of government and argued against middle and upper class subsidies while expanding opportunities for all.

The demise of the conservative Republican

Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981 signalled Republican abandonment of true conservatism. Since then, we’ve relied on Democrats to balance our budgets. This hasn’t worked real well the last few years. Rather than simply complaining, Frugal Ron launched this website with the following goals:

  • Whenever possible, use data based decision-making.
  • Proposing true conservative solutions to the United States’s problems.
  • Identifying impediments to true conservative solutions.

Don’t hesitate to take this information to the next level. Frugal Ron reserves the right to state his views. However, the real purpose of this site is to generate discussion and original thinking among reasonable people. This site belongs to all of us and an important part is your comments. Share your ideas.

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